Monday, October 15, 2018

Family mind map

Modern family

Watch the video and answer the questions:

How has the role of children in the family changed?
Children in the past didn’t use to be the centre of family life
When did this change take place?
by the end of the 20th C
How old is their older child?
their older child is 13
What do Lucy and Michael feel?
They feel their children dominate their home
How has parents’ attitude changed recently?
Current parents are childcentric. It’s in the media, books, parenting classes; everyone is talking about their children
What would Lucy’s mother say in some cases?
her mother would say they are dominated in a way they shouldn’t be. Children rule the house

Answers written in white. Select the text above to see them.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Intermediate - Food: pleasure or fuel

Watch the following video and fill in the gaps:

Thintuition practice # 5. I regard food as fuel from Rob Stevens on Vimeo.

  1. You have to choose foods you like
  2. Pleasure is not the purpose of eating
  3. We eat to replenish the nutrients and calories our body needs
  4. Overeating is consuming food you don’t need
  5. The extra energy you consume becomes fat
  6. Advertisers tempt us to eat their food
  7. Food is not a solution to problems
  8. You may think eating something might make you feel better
  9. Food has never truly solved any problems for you

: The answers are written in white in the blanks. Select the text above to see them.

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Cooking vocabulary



Intermediate - How to eat a healthier diet

Watch this video about how to eat healthily

Now try some activities

2nd Intermediate-Food

Listen and choose the correct option or fill in the blanks.

1.Mexican food is as … as its people

2.The Aztecs introduced

3.Mexican people spend
a.25% of their income on food
b.most of their earnings on food
c.25% more on food than other countries

4.They eat
a.tacos with every meal
b.tomatoes every day
c.vegetables with every meal

5.You can buy kilos of grain directly
a.from producers local markets supermarkets

6.Wahaca sauces
a.are made with chocolate
b.were introduced by the Aztecs
c.are served with any food

7.Mexican cooking style is based on a combination of
a.potatoes and corn
b.chicken meats

8.Taco meat is
a.used to fill burritos
b.savoured across the world
c.cooked in large pans

Answers written in white. Select this line to see them: 1a, 2c, 3a, 4b, 5b, 6a, 7c, 8a

1. Mexican dishes are as ____________ and ____________ as the people.
2. The Aztecs shared many ________________________ with the world. 
3. On average Mexicans spend ____________ of their ____________ on food.
4. ________________________ exhibit a wide selection of produce.
5. An amazing variety of ________________________ are available to buy by the kilo.
6. Wahaca is known for its ________________________
7. The juices combine and provide a ________________________
8. Mexican cuisine is savoured ________________________

The answers are written in white in the next two lines. Select the lines below and you will see them.
1.varied/unique, vegetables, 3.25%/earnings, 4.outdoor markets, 5.seeds and grain, 6.mole sauces, 7.fusion of flavour, 8.across the globe.

DISCUSSION (leave your comments)
Do you think people in Galicia eat less traditional food than the used to?