Sunday, January 13, 2019

Reading books

Evening Class – Binchy
Love Actually - Dean
Hound Of The Baskervilles – Conan Doyle
The Body In The Library - Christie
About A Boy - Hornby
Teacher Man - McCourt
Great Gatsby - Fitzgerald
Time Machine - Wells
Jane Eyre - Bronte
Windows Of The Mind - Brennan
High Life, Low Life - Battersby
The Picture Of Dorian Grey - Wilde
Murder On The Orient Express - Christie
Frozen Pizza - Moses
A Room With A View – Forster
Pride and Prejudice – Austen
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – Boyne (full text)
Matilda – Dahl (full text)
When Summer Comes – Naylor
1984 – Owell (full text)
The  Murders  in  the  Rue  Morgue  - Poe

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Obligation and lack of obligation - MUST, HAVE TO, CAN...

Personal obligations                                       – MUST/NEED TO

I must call my mother

If the speaker has the authority                    – MUST/NEED TO

You must lose some weight

To strongly recommend something               – MUST(HAVE TO)

You must see that film

To speak about rules                                      – HAVE TO/BE SUPPOSED TO

We have to be on time for class

If there is no obligation                                   DON'T HAVE/NEED TO

You don't have to bring your book

To speak about something that is possible     CAN/BE ALLOWED TO/

I can leave early today

You are allowed to work from home

To speak about prohibitions you use              – CAN'T/MUSTN'T

You can't smoke here                              NOT BE ALLOWED/SUPPOSED TO

To give advice or express a weak obligation  – SHOULD/OUGHT TO

You should do your homework

You ought to see the doctor

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Intermediate - Transportation

Watch the video and choose the correct option.

1. New Yorkers want transportation which is
a. cheap and comfortable
b. fast and sustainable
c. reliable and effective

2. Traffic jams make people
a. be less effective
b. get angry
c. lose time

3. Traffic congestions make the city spend money on
a. improving the economic productivity
b. repairing the roads
c. taking care of the environmental pollution

4. PlaNYC tries to
a. find environmentally friendly solutions
b. improve the recycling system
c. solve New Yorkers’ job problems

5. The bus service has improved thanks to
a. more frequent buses
b. new bus lanes
c. reduced prices

6. In the Bronx
a. buses are 13% faster
b. more people use buses
c. there are more buses than in the 1st and 2nd avenues

7. Millions of New Yorkers
a. don’t use any network
b. use the bus
c. use the subway

8. Bicycle users
a. are safer now
b. have 200 miles of bike lanes
c. have a bike sharing service in the centre

9. Taxis and buses
a. use green energies
b. will cost the city less
c. will pollute less

Answers (select this line to see them): 1c, 2c, 3b, 4a, 5b, 6b, 7b, 8a, 9c

Planning a trip

A - Let's get out of the city this weekend
B - That's a good idea. I'm getting sick of being here!
A - Do you want to go to the beach?
B - We always go to the beach. Let's do something different!
A - How about camping?
B - Hmm... camping? That sounds terrific
A - All my ideas are terrific
B - Do you have a tent?
A - No. Do you?
B - Hmm... no, but I can borrow a large one from my friend
A - How about a sleeping bag?
B - Yes, I have a sleeping bag. Do you have one?
A - No, I don't.
B - Do you want to share one with me?
A - No, thanks. I'll buy a new sleeping bag
B - Do you think we should go far far away?
A - How much time do you have?
B - I can leave Friday after work
A - I can leave Friday too. When do you have to be back?
B - I have to be back by Sunday
A - Okay, we'll be back by Sunday
B - What should we do while we're there?
A - Do you want to go hiking ?
B - Hiking? Okay, but we shouldn't go far from the campground
A - If we stay around the campground, will you bring the barbecue?
B - Of course, what is camping without a barbecue?
A - Will you make your famous hamburgers?
B - Sure thing. I'll make hamburgers
A - Should we invite some friends?
B - Great idea! Let's invite all of our friends!
A - This is going to be fun!
B - I can't wait!