Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Media Mind Map

Media - preferences

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Mass media advantages and disadvantages

Newspapers and the internet

2nd Intermediate - The Media

Watch this news report about the future of newspapers and choose the correct answer.

1. Reader’s Digest has
a. declared bankruptcy for the first time in years
b. been losing money for years
c. been trying to survive in the digital era

2. Reader’s Digest has an audience of
a. 40 million
b. 70 million
c. 17 million

3. Digital newspapers
a. made Internet popular 15 years ago
b. reduce paper waste
c. are read with the morning coffee now

4. In 5 years
a. advertising sales will reach the level of 1980s
b. most newspapers will have disappeared
c. newspapers will reduce their benefits in 50%

5. The orange country newspaper
a. have more subscriptions than 10 years ago
b. have a new management
c. have professionals from closed newspapers

Answers written in white. Select this line to see them 1b, 2a, 3b, 4b, 5b 

Learn about the media in the UK
A brief history of the BBC

How to write a letter to the editor

Remember that if you are writing an actual letter, you have to include the addresses and the date. If you write an email, include the "sender", "receiver" and "subject".