Thursday, May 16, 2019

Discussion questions

Describe Galician diet. Is it healthy/unhealthy?
Do you pay attention to the fat, salt and sugar content of what you eat?
How much of your diet consists of prepackaged, processed foods?
Were there any foods you particularly loved or hated as a child? Do you still love/hate them?
Why are fast food and ready-made food (or processed food or convenience food) so popular these days?
Do you think parents who both work can look after their children properly?
Do you think bringing up a child is difficult?
Why do you think many Spanish people get married late or leave home late?
Who used to look after you when you were a child?
Did you use to get on with your brothers and sisters?
What are the advantages of big families?
Do you think families will be different in the future?
Are you a spender or a saver?
Do you budget?
Have you ever borrowed or lent money?
What's the last 'big' thing you have bought?
How do you feel about credit cards?
Do you know anyone who's really mean or extremely generous with money?
Do you usually tip?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the car and the plane? What do you prefer?
Which means of transport do you prefer for long-distance trips? And for short ones?
Describe public transport in Spain
Have you ever carpooled?
How will transport change in the future?
What's your experience of speaking a second or third language?
What are the advantages of speaking English?
What is the hardest part about learning a new language? The best part?
Do you think that learning about the culture of the second language may be useful to learn the language?
Do you think that being good at expressing yourself in your own language, both in speaking and writing, helps to learn another language?
What other qualities are important to learn a second language?
What are the benefits of doing sport?
What are the disadvantages of team sports?
Describe the sport facilities of Lugo
Compare two sports
What sports do children usually do? And old people?
Have you ever gone skiing?
What sports are popular in Galicia
What are the most important qualities of a good friend?
Talk about a friend: describe him/her, what you do together and what you have in common
How do you keep in touch with your friends?
Do you have many 'social media friends'?
Why do you think there are more divorces nowadays?

UNITS 6-10
What are the advantages of going to the cinema?
Describe cinemas in Lugo
Do you prefer to watch films at home or at the cinema?
Do you watch films in original version?
What's a good film you've seen?
What's on in your town at the moment?
What kind of secondary school did you attend? What was the best about it?
Do you think homework is useful?
How have schools changed?
Is being a teacher a good job?
Should summer school holidays be shorter?
How could language teaching be improved at school?
Why do a lot of people live with their parents until they are 40?
Is it better to share a big flat or to live alone in a small one?
What are the benefits of buying a home?
What problems can you have if you live in the countryside?
What will homes be like in the future?
What is important when choosing a home?
What are the benefits of shopping online?
What are the negative aspects of buying at big chain stores like Zara?
When was the last time you complained about a product or sevice?
What do you think of shopping centres?
What are the advantages of mortgages?
What are the drawbacks of being self-employed?
What are the benefits of being a civil servant?
Compare 2 jobs
What skills and qualifications do you need for your job or the job you want?
Is it better to work for a big company or for a small one?
What are the most important factors for you in choosing or keeping a job?
How will we work in the future?
How will we travel in the future?
How can the Internet help you study?
Is the mobile phone a distraction at work?
How has technology improved communication?
Compare two pieces of technology

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

2nd Intermediate - Top ten inventions of all time

Cities and homes of the future

Watch a video about homes in the future and do the exercises
Listen to this BBC podcast about cities in the future



UNIT 11 Technology - Answers written in white. Select below to see them
Ex 1: 2 money 3 live 4 plan 5 it 6 to 7 technology
Ex 2: 2 mobile phone 3 iPod 4 MP3 player 5 laptop
6 e-book reader
Ex 3: 2A 3F 4E 5B 6C
Ex 4: 2 Twitter. 3 It’s not charged. 4 A mobile phone and MP3 player. 5 Two. 6 Lots and lots
Ex 5: 2 laptop 3 iPod/phone/computer 4 phone 5 phone/TV 6 phone/computer/Internet
Ex 6: 2 broke 3 devastated 4 turned
5 essential 6 that
Ex 7: b5 c4 d6 e2 f3

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Intermediate - Technology

Watch the video to learn about some Technology facts.

Are we addicted to technology?

Addiction Vs. Social Evolution from Allan Yong on Vimeo.

Finally, is technology good or bad? Watch and say if the statements below are true or false.

1. Writing on paper was a technological advancement
2. We used to find our music away from home
3. She thinks that technology will dominate our future
4. She mentions 2 examples of possible future advancements
5. Technology dependence could affect our knowledge
6. She thinks using technology at work is positive
7. Each of us has to decide if we live to use technology or just use it
8. The modern idea of technology is to accept all the ideas
Is technology good or bad for you?
Answers: 1T, 2T, 3F, 4F, 5T, 6T, 7T, 8T

Monday, April 22, 2019

2nd Intermediate - Facebook

Watch this video about the origins of Facebook and choose the correct answer:

1. Mark Zuckerberg
  a. didn’t finish his degree
  b. wasn’t yet 21
  c. stars a new film
2. 7 mill … use facebook
  a. students
  b. colleges
  c. people
3. Mark invented facebook in his
  a. bedroom
  b. dorm room
  c. garage
4. On average, students
  a. create 18 profiles
  b. are 18 years old
  c. are connected 18 min a day
5. Facebook makes money from
  a. investors of big companies
  b. advertisement
  c. subscriptions
6. Mark Zuckerberg
  a. likes sports
  b. lives in Palo alto
  c. doesn’t wear suits
7. Millions of Americans want
  a. to meet people
  b. people to know about them
  c. contact people

Answers: 1a, 2a, 3b, 4c, 5b, 6c, 7b