Thursday, May 11, 2017

2nd Intermediate topics

Improving your English together
Attending a music festival

Choose an activity to do with a friend
Choose a place to live
Problems living together
Plan a holiday
What to do in a new town
How to travel to work
Visting museums or going to the beach
Choose a present for a friend
Choose a film to see at the cinema
Organise a book club
Organise a meal out

Speaking topics
Being more ecological at home
The best job
Being a celebrity
Fast food
Families in the past and nowadays
Modern unhealthy habits
News online or on TV
How to have a healthy lifestyle
Living in the city vs countryside
Living in a house or a flat
Paper books vs e-books
Books vs films
The best means of transport
Your favourite place for a holiday

Mental vs physical activities
Do you like art?
Going to the theatre vs watching TV

What's your opinion?
Do you think being ecological is important?
Do you think shopping online is a good option?
Do you think the Internet is dangerous?
Do you think politicians have a good job?
Do you think downloading music should be punished?
Do you think being self-employed is difficult?
Do you think private schools offer a better education?
Do you think families will be smaller in the future?
Do you think cinemas will disappear?
Do you think people will eat more fast food in the future?
Do you think e-books will make printed books disappear?
Do you think alternative therapies are useful?
Do you think homes have changed in the last few years?
Do you think people read less nowadays?
Do you think your town has a good cultural offer?
Do you think attractive people’ lives are easier?
Do you think video games are bad for people?
Do you think travelling by train is better than by car?

Advantages and disadvantages

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Friday, April 7, 2017

The virtual revolution

Keeping in contact


Check the ANSWERS here

Spanish Newspaper in English

You have no excuse not to read a newspaper in English. This is a Spanish newspaper:

How to write a letter to the editor

Remember that if you are writing an actual letter, you have to include the addresses and the date. If you write an email, include the "sender", "receiver" and "subject".