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The smallest flat in London

Watch the video and answer the questions:

  1. What’s the size of the apartment? 10’4’’ x 8’4’’ (=3’14m x 2,54m)
  2. What are its good qualities? Unusual, unique, high ceiling, location
  3. What’s the price? 280000
  4. Why is it so expensive? Next to Harrods
  5. How many people have seen it? 100 viewers – 12 offers
  6. Who wants to buy it? Investor from Greece
Answers written in white. Select above to see them.

2nd Intermediate - Rent a house

Watch the video and choose the correct option

1. The house was built in
a. 2005
b. 2006
c. 2007

2. The dining room is
a. in the centre of the house
b. on the ground floor
c. next to the kitchen

3. The porch is
a. accessible from the dining room
b. matches the living room
c. enclosed by windows

4. The kitchen was inspired by
a. a friend’s home
b. a country house
c. a trip

5. The library transmits
a. a domestic feeling
b. a refined atmosphere
c. an artistic taste

6. The lower level includes
a. a dancing room
b. a bathroom with spa
c. a bar

7. Outside there is
a. a barbecue outside
b. a private dock
c. a seawater pool

Answers written in white select this line to see them:  1b 2a 3a 4c 5b 6a 7b

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Cities and homes of the future

Watch a video about homes in the future and do the exercises
Listen to this BBC podcast about cities in the future